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This army is subdivided in 4 army lists that follow each other chronologically :

I/7a Early Libyan 3000-1251BC
I/7b Early Libyan 1250-666BC
I/7c Early Libyan 665-476BC
I/7d Early Libyan 475BC-70AD

Army composition Edit

I/7a Early Libyan 3000-1251BC 3Wb 3Ax 5Hd 3Bw Ps
General 1 1

Warriors 6 6


2 2
I/7b Early Libyan 1250-666BC LCh 4Bd 3Wb 3Ax Ps
General 1
Chariot or sea peoples mercenaries 1 1
Swordsmen 2
Warriors 3 3
Javelinmen 3
Archers 2
I/7c Early Libyan 665-476BC LCh 3Wb Sp 3Ax Ps
General 1
Chariot 1
Warriors 5 5 5
Javelinmen 3
Archers 2
I/7d Early Libyan 475BC-70AD LCh LH Sp 3Ax Ps
General 1 1
Chariot 1 1
Warriors 5 5
Javelinmen 3
Archers 2

Enemies Edit

  • I/7a Early Libyan 3000-1251BC :
I/2a Early Egyptian 3000-1690BC
I/3 Nubian 3000-1480BC
I/17a Early Hyksos 1645-1591BC
I/17b Later Hyksos 1590-1537BC
I/22a New Kingdom Egyptian 1543-1200BC
  • I/7b Early Libyan 1250-666BC :
I/22a New Kingdom Egyptian 1543-1200BC
I/22b New Kingdom Egyptian 1199-1069BC
I/28 Sea Peoples 1208-1176BC
I/35b Cypriot or Phoenician 900-666BC
I/46b Kushite Egyptian 727-664BC
  • I/7c Early Libyan 665-476BC :
I/46b Kushite Egyptian 727-664BC
I/52b Spartan Hoplite 668-449BC
I/53 Saitic Egyptian 664-355BC
I/56a Early Kyrenean Greek 630-314BC
I/60a Early Achaemenid 550-547BC
I/60c Later Achaemenid 539-420BC
I/61a Early Carthaginian 550-341BC
  • I/7d Early Libyan 475BC-70AD :
I/56b Later Kyrenean Greek 313-74BC
II/7 Later Achaemenid Persian 420-329BC
II/20a Ptolemaic 320-275BC
II/20b Ptolemaic 274-167BC
II/20c Ptolemaic 166-54BC
II/20d Ptolemaic 53-30BC
II/40 Numidian or Early Moorish 215BC-24AD
II/49 Marian Roman 105-25BC
II/56 Early Imperial Roman 25BC-197AD

Allies Edit

  • I/7a Early Libyan 3000-1251BC :
  • I/7b Early Libyan 1250-666BC :
I/28 Sea Peoples 1208-1176BC
  • I/7c Early Libyan 665-476BC :


  • I/7d Early Libyan 475BC-70AD :


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  • 15mm :

Army packs :

Essex Miniatures : DBA 3.0 Army packs complete with all options (but they use javelinmen for the Spear units, is that historical ?) and individual blister figurines with photos.

Chariot Miniatures at Magister Militum : one DBA 2.2 Army pack for "a" version playable as it is in DBA 3.0 but not with all the options and DBA 2.2 Army pack for "b,c and d" versions not playable as it is in DBA 3.0. Blister figurines .

Other suppliers :

  • 28mm :

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Resources Edit

  • From the DBA 3.0 rules :

Armies of the Ancient Near East, 3000 B.C. to 539 B.C (Nigel Stillman, Nigel Tallis)

  • Osprey Publishing :

New Kingdom Egypt - elite 40 (Author: Mark Healy, Illustrator: Angus McBride) : including one color plate with two libyan warriors, which is on the cover.

Ancient Armies of the Middle East - men at arms 109 (Author: Terence Wise, Illustrator: Angus McBride ) : including one color plate with a libyan archer.

  • Others :
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