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This list covers the Numidia armies from the second punic war then the Mauretania armies till before its annexation by the roman empire.

Numidia Wikipedia page.

This army is followed by the  3/II/57 Later Moorish 25-696AD army.

Army composition Edit

II/40 Numidian or Early Moorish 215BC-24AD Cv LH 4Ax 4Bd El Ps
General with or without spanish bodyguard 1 1


Roman-trained regular javelinmen or

imitation legionaries or javelinmen or horsemen

2 2 2
Archer or slinger or elephant

1 1


Enemies Edit

I/7d Early Libyan 475BC-70AD

II/32a Later Carthaginian 275-202BC

II/32b Later Carthaginian 201-146BC

II/33 Polybian Roman 275-105BC

II/40 Numidian or Early Moorish 215BC-24AD

II/49 Marian Roman 105-25BC

II/56 Early Imperial Roman 25BC-197AD

Allies Edit

II/56 Early Imperial Roman 25BC

Numidian huts are typical and available

Painting tips Edit

Shields were covered with animal hyde and may have been painted with typical symbols

Tunics may have been dyed in red, otherwise they were off-white.

Miniatures Edit

  • 15mm :

Army packs :

Essex Miniatures : DBA 3.0 Army pack complete with all options and individual blister figurines with photos in their "roman" and "macedonian and punic wars" series.

Other suppliers :

Chariot Miniatures at Magister Militum : individual packs.

  • 28mm :

Armies gallery Edit

Corvus Belli figures for Numidians

Resources Edit

  • From the DBA 3.0 rules :

Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars (Duncan Head) : new 2016 printing available.

  • Osprey Publishing :

Armies of the Carthaginian Wars 265–146 BC - men at arms 121 (Author: Terence Wise, Illustrator: Richard Hook)

The Carthaginians 6th–2nd Century BC - elite 201 (Author: Andrea Salimbeti, Raffaele D’Amato, Illustrator: Giuseppe Rava)

Carthaginian Warrior 264–146 BC - warrior  150 (Author: Nic Fields, Illustrator: Steve Noon)

And many others...

  • Others :
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