The following pages collect "unofficial" variant rules for DBA games, campaigns and tournaments. Variant rules are offered to add variety to the game and/or to allow players to integrate what they believe are appropriate tactics and "historical" army capabilities not currently provided for in the official DBA rules. They are labeled "unofficial" because they are not in the published DBA rules or sanctioned by an official DBA-related body. Therefore, players should not expect to use them when playing in DBA convention tournaments or other organized competitions unless provided for by the tournament umpire. Similarly, players should also agree in advance on what special rules variants are applicable before beginning a friendly one-on-one game or campaign.

Lest you think that any of these are ever likely to receive the official blessing of DBA's authors, here is what Phil Barker has to say on the subject of variant rules:

Local amendments to the rules have proved disastrous in the past and should be avoided. Good rule writing requires fine balance and attention to detail, and even small changes can have large unexpected results.


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