Links to DBA & HOTT Adaptations...

DBA in the New World (Spanish/Portugese in the Americas) by Steven Thomas [Broken Link; 404 Error]

De Bellis Indica, an adaptation for warfare in India in the 18th-19th Century by Gary Preston.

NEW Hordes of Dervishes, DBA/HOTT adaption for colonial battles in the Sudan by Bob Cordery.

Hordes of the Empire (HotE) (Quick Reference Chart), a Victorian colonial wars adapatation of HOTT by Paul Potter, Blake Radetzky and Terry Webb.

NEW HoTE Indian Mutiny (Army Lists), by Terry Webb and Paul Potter.

Imperius Maximus, is a DBA adaptation for the colonial period, by Neil Laird. [Broken Link]

New Zealand Colonial Wars, DBAish rules by Steven Thomas. [ Broken Link; 404 error]

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