Adapted from Ken Blackley

Rash troops are undisciplined or overeager troops that are difficult to control and liable to advance without orders. They are usually "irregular" knights, foot knights (blades) and warband, but can include any elements agreed to by both players.

Unless engaged in normal movement or close combat (including providing support) or halted, rash troops will automatically advance as individual elements or as a group of rash elements towards the nearest enemy element or the enemy camp their full movement allowance (i.e., a partial uncontrolled movement is not permitted). They will seek to engage in close combat or to offer support to a unit already in combat. Uncontrolled movement of rash troops does not require a PIP expenditure. Rash troops will move directly to the nearest target regardless of intervening terrain (unless impassable), except mounted troops may ignore enemy foot in bad going.

Rash troops may be held in place by declaring a Halt. Halts are used to prevent an Rash element or a group of Rash elements from making a spontaneous advance. A halt costs 2 PIPs.

As a further option, players may agree to allow rash troops a +1 close combat modifier in the first round of contact with an enemy to reflect their impetuosity.

Player Feedback/Suggestions Edit

David Kuijt: I don't like the +1 on the first turn-- Rash troops can be an advantage (if you are low on pips) as well as a disadvantage; they don't need a +1 on first-turn combat.

I'd suggest that you list the armies that have Rash troops. Something like:

  • All Warband are Rash.
  • All Knights are Rash except the following: any element listed as "4Kn"

is not Rash; also Knights in the following armies are not Rash: HYW English, etc.)

  • Dismounted Knights (Blades) are Rash if they were Rash as Knights.

I'd suggest you add the following rule:

"It costs +1 pip to move Rash troops less than their maximum distance."

Otherwise you allow a move of 25 paces to cost 1 pip; this is essentially a Halt for 1 pip. The suggested addition above will mean that a PIP roll of 1 forces a player to either move his Rash troops straight forward their full movement, or to lose control of them entirely. The rule above is also from DBM, I believe.

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