In certain circumstances, a player may unwittingly elect to deploy his army with its back to a waterway only to find that a full or even partial deployment of his army is illegal because of the interaction of the army element types (base sizes), the waterway's depth and configuration, and the relevant DBA deployment rules.  When this situation arises in tournament play, the game master or umpire will be required to make a decision on how to handle this typically inadvertent deployment miscue.  In the interests of encouraging friendly and engaging tournament play, the following variant rule is proposed as a guide for such organizers:

In the event that a player elects to deploy his army with its back to a waterway, only to realize the waterway's depth and configuration make a legal deployment of all elements impossible under the DBA 3.0 deployment rules, then the player may adjust the position of the waterway by the minimum amount needed to affect a legal deployment of the full 12 element army.
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